Deadpool is getting a little more elaborate in his requests

Deadpool is getting a little more elaborate in his requests. The merc with a mouth started out the season with some pretty simple stuff, but now he’s got us traipsing all over the island for one of the most involved location-based challenges we’ve had in the game yet. Sure, they’re some well-worn locations, overall, but you might still need a refresher on where they all are, or you might not quite feel like trying to remember them on your own free v bucks generator. Which is understandable! It’s a big map. Read on for a map, guide and location for where to embrace the rainbow and visit the red, yellow, green, blue and purple bridges for the Deadpool challenge in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

To start off, you’ll need to grab Deadpool’s unicorn, which isn’t all that hard. It’s sitting in plain view in Meowscle’s briefing room, so just head over and get it.

So, let’s got to the map. Some of the colors might be harder to read than others here, but they’ve all got black circles in addition. Here are the locations for each bridge:


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Like I said, these are all pretty spread out. You’d be hard pressed to get all of these on one match, but it wouldn’t be impossible, either. We finally have a major mobility item in the Chapter 2, so this would theoretically be possible by bopping around in a helicopter so long as you don’t take too much fire as you’re doing so. It would be a tall order, but I always like to try and turn these relatively straightforward challenges into something a little more taxing, when I can.

I’ve been pleased with the way that the season has been going so far: the Deadpool thing is a fun little subplot, and focusing on a different agent every two weeks gives the whole thing a sort of structure that we don’t always have in a Fortnite season. Now that we’ve done Meowscles I’m mostly just sort of waiting for Agent Peely: the humans never really do it for me in this game. Check back soon and level that pass.

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